2019 Clementine de la mer

A little sassy, full of vitality and a touch of boldness, each of the wines in the Clementine range has much in common with their namesake, the winemakers adorable little girl, Clementine 'Minnie' Logan.

Fermenting whites on skins and reds as whole intact bunches results in distinctive colours, delicious textures and all kinds of crunchy, salty, tangy, yummy fresh flavours with a distinctive twist. Lots of fun.


The 2019 Clementine de la mer is a little cloudy like the ocean with a pale yellow colour. It has bright aromas of lemon, flowers, poached quince, wattle, ginger and clementine with citrus peel, nashi pair and the salty tang of sea spray on the palate. 

Tasting Notes