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NSW Central Ranges was once Australia's best-kept secret. Now, more and more people are making the pilgrimage to the beautiful rural towns of Orange and Mudgee to experience some of Australia's finest cool climate wines.

Located on the north and west slopes of the Great Dividing Range, Orange is the highest wine region in Australia. Its altitude, cool weather and rich volcanic soils are the perfect ingredients to produce delicate wines with elegance and depth.

Mudgee (Aboriginal for ‘Nest in the Hills’) is one of Australia’s oldest wine regions and the birthplace of Australian chardonnay. Slightly lower in altitude than Orange, temperatures in Mudgee are not as cold but gravelly ironstone and quartz laced red loam soils are ideal to create wines of great depth and character.This unique combination of sites and climates allows us to create food friendly wines with variety, delicacy and depth.