The same old thing. There's plenty of that. Why make more?

When I started out, I wanted to make wine that I liked to drink. I wanted to excite me, not cater to a demographic. So against lots of strong opinions (including within my family) I began deviating from the usual winemaker script. Different to what we were taught at wine college. Different to what the establishment was doing.

I chose the then unfamiliar NSW Central Ranges as my base, planted tempranillo, made pinot gris when few did, made gewürztraminer (people still don't), created whimsical labels and stories, fermented white grapes on their skins, used large barrel oak, wild yeasts, and now sell wine in kegs!

Both our longstanding, multi-award winning tasting room in Mudgee and our brand new tasting room in Orange look out to the world, not inward, which certainly breaks the mould when it comes to cellar door experiences. These timeless, contemporary spaces push the boundaries of typical cellar door design and in doing so reflect the joy we find in doing things a little bit different. I'd guess it's that mindset that has allowed this small independent winemaker to still be excited to do the same old thing for 27 years.

 Peter Logan